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CAHRA Ambassadors for MISHRM Conference

    April 30, 2016

    During the Council Meeting for MISHRM in March 2016, the board presented a revenue share "planned services" program for future MISHRM Conferences.  We can share in the revenue stream from the MISHRM Conference.  To be eligible for a 100% SHARE in the profits, our Chapter must meet 5 requirements.  The requirements are:  1) Attend the Council Meeting in March (DONE), 2) Attend the Leadership Summit for the state in March (DONE), 3) Attend Council Meeting in August, 4) Provide 5 ambassadors for the MISHRM conference in October (requires 2-3 hours of service during the conference and attending training day before conference) AND 5) 10% of our membership must attend the conference.

    CAHRA Board has agreed to pay 100% of the Conference cost (not hotel or travel) for the 5 Members "in good standing" to be ambassadors.  We can do this because the revenue generated from meeting the requirements would cover the chapter decision.  We will approve on a first-come-first-requests basis.  Please volunteer with an email to